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From a young age, Leo has been driven by a passion to assist others in unlocking their utmost potential. Understanding that true impact requires firsthand experience, he embarked on his entrepreneurial journey at 24.

Through the highs and lows of business ownership, Leo has acquired a deep comprehension of the keys to success and the mindset necessary for thriving.

Leo's approach to coaching is both unique and grounded in his own experiences as a certified hypnotherapist, flow state expert, human potential coach, and functional health advisor. His insights are further enriched by his history of managing multiple businesses.

Dedicated to excellence in every facet of life, Leo has extensively explored what it means to be a top performer, whether in business, leadership, or sports. He recognises the often solitary nature of striving for success, especially for 6/7 figure entrepreneurs, leaders, and creators who might lack a supportive guide and accountability partner.

This is where Leo steps in. He eliminates the uncertainties, boosts motivation, and offers the accountability essential for navigating the path to success, ensuring you're supported every step of the way.

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Leo's coaching philosophy is centred on the principle that a strong mind-body connection forms the foundation for peak performance in both personal and business life.

He believes in the power of mastering the fundamentals, advocating that a deep understanding and application of the basics are pivotal before advancing to more complex strategies and techniques. This approach aligns with his ethos of "Build a mindset, Work smarter, Create freedom''.

By integrating the physical with the mental, his coaching transcends conventional boundaries, offering a comprehensive strategy that addresses both the conscious and subconscious aspects of performance enhancement.

His methodology is tailored to guide 6/7 figure entrepreneurs, high achievers, and leaders through the intricacies of personal and professional growth, focusing on optimising well-being and productivity while minimising stress.

Leo's coaching encapsulates a holistic approach to development. His expertise in both coaching and hypnotherapy equips him with the unique ability to facilitate lasting change, encouraging his clients to excel in all areas of life with a grounded and focused approach.



Certified hypnotherapist

Certified human potential coach

Certified flow state coach

Functional health coach

Onnit certified trainer

Titleist Performance Institute certified golf instructor

NLP practitioner

Bachelor of Science (Honours)

Performance Psychology Consultant (MSc in progress)

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