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What they say



Coaching with Leo created a space that I had not yet found in my life and where I could explore myself more deeply. He has skilfully challenged and lead me to identify and remove blind spots and obstacles I was putting in my own way . This has allowed me to take confident action whilst expanding my perspective and helps me maintain the clarity and focus I need to show up consistently at my best and lead myself and others through whatever comes.

Corin Mobsby
Yacht Captain

I worked with Leo to help customize a hypnotherapy script that targeted my needs. The level of individualization was second to none and what helped me see an increase in my motivation and commitment to myself.

Chris Williamson
Sport Psychology Consultant

The Upgraded State helped me consistently achieve my goals and regularly access flow state when competitive clay shooting. My motivation has been on another level, and knowing I have a coach to keep me accountable had been a game changer.

Chris Pratt
Production Manager

There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes of high performers and their work. After working with Leo I have slowly learned how effective mental training / preparation can be and is. I’ve made tremendous progress in the past year from a mental standpoint. For anyone looking to improve all aspects of their craft, this platform will be a great place to start.

Canyon Harris

I booked some sessions with Leo to try help with my anxiety and I am so glad I did. Leo Is very professional and not only has he helped me overcome my anxiety but has also helped me have a more positive look on life and has shown me techniques to feel back in control. Will definitely keep booking more sessions going forward I highly recommend!

Ben Watts
Managing Director

I have had a few sessions with Leo, and I will definitely be booking more! He is very easy to chat with, and I feel instantly calm in his presence. He has helped me in many areas, such as managing my university stress to handling difficult emotions in my personal life.

Fleury James

Leo is a great coach and I deeply value the time we spent together and the progress he helped me make in my life.

Mike Parfit
Associate Director

After helping transform my productivity, I was able to use the same skills to train my team. Everyone is so much happier, more motivated and more positive!

Rachael Lake
Commercial Office Manager
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