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Subconscious performance coaching for 6/7 figure entrepreneurs, high achievers, and leaders who are serious about unlocking their full potential.

Subconscious Productivity - Coming soon

Discover the core of "Subconscious Productivity" in our flagship course, designed for 6/7 figure entrepreneurs, high achievers, and leaders.

Master becoming more productive, resistant to burnout, and adept at overcoming obstacles. This course is your gateway to achieving unparalleled freedom in your professional and personal life.
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Unlock higher levels of performance, fine-tune your mindset, and bolster your functional health through our hypnotherapy sessions.

Step into a lifestyle where continuous development and personal progress are not just goals, but a reality crafted on your own terms.

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Breath Work - Coming soon

Unlock the power of breath with our transformational breathwork sessions, designed to elevate your mental, physical, and emotional well-being.

Our approach, inspired by leading methodologies like those at Breathmasters, focuses on harnessing your breath to release stress, clear mental blocks, and rejuvenate your entire being.

Through guided practices, you'll learn to tap into the healing and transformative potential of breathwork, empowering you to achieve greater clarity, energy, and balance in your life.
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Hypnotherapy Recordings - Coming soon  

Pre recorded Hypnotherapy sessions

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Examples of what I have helped my clients with:



Stress & burnout

Performance blocks


Business performance


Physical health

Shedding excess weight


Reconnecting body and mind

Success starts with clarity. Let's uncover and tackle what's really holding you back.

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About me

Hello, I'm Leo

I'm a Subconscious Performance Coach for 6/7 figure entrepreneurs, high achievers, and leaders and the creator of Subconscious Productivity TM.

My mission? To revolutionise your approach to success, eliminating burnout and unlocking extra hours in your day. My entrepreneurial background, combined with coaching and hypnotherapy expertise, has led me to develop strategies that not only change lives but redefine them.

These powerful approaches aim to skyrocket your productivity, enhance your well-being, and ensure you enjoy restful sleep, all while significantly cutting down stress and anxiety.

Embracing the "Build a mindset, Work smarter, Create freedom" philosophy, I delve into your subconscious, setting the stage for profound, lasting change that provides you more time and freedom.
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Selected articles to help you upgrade your state

White Space

The principles of white space, White space is a concept I have been battling with for the last year or so now. The need to feel busy and productive all of the time is something that is holding you back.

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The 5P's of Potential

The 5P's of Potential, an introduction into a methodology for high performance and unlocking your potential.

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The Dopamine Highway

Master dopamine manipulation, break free from mediocrity. Learn to balance dopamine for success

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