The 5P's of Potential

21st December 2023

I woke up early to travel to Alderley Edge to interview UFC Interim Heavy weight champion of the world, Tom Aspinal. (Interview coming soon!!)

Not a normal morning but for the first time showed me I was taking my path rather than the one wanted for me.

What does that even mean?

For so long I have been told:-

  • Get this qualification
  • Study this degree
  • This provides safety and a steady career.

I have been tired of waking up each day and knowing I was not fulfilling my potential.

How many of us are completely contained in a box created by not only others but ourselves?

When do we decide to stop taking risks, finding out what works, what doesn't work and what we love?

The simple life

We strive for a simple life, yet the things that prevent us from this are:

  • golden handcuffs (Not those ones!)
  • The need to drive a nice car
  • Going to a nice restaurant to post where you are on socials
  • The Mortgage

Who are you kidding?

Im not saying I have been any different but I'm aware and working on it!

The New path

The new path for me is fulfilling my potential and filling my time with the things I am passionate about.

The new path is helping others heal and make breakthroughs in life and reach their potential.

This is less a path and more a mission.

How do you fulfil your potential?

The real question you have is how do I fulfil my potential?

How do you fill the void you have?

How do you wake up excited about who you might meet and what you might do?

How do you find the drive to become who you deep down know you were suppose to be?

conspiracy stories aside (fluoride in tap water cough)

This is how you start

I developed this model to help guide my clients

There is a tendency to always over complicate what will move us forward because it sounds good or clever.


'Flow state is actually transient hypofrontality the slowing down of the prefrontal cortex'

Real talk:-

Being present quietens the mind and sometimes allows you to get in the zone / flow.


You will be more productive, creative, hyperfocused and reach your goals more easily.

'Hypnotherapy accesses the 95% subconscious mind'

'the subconscious was programmed around the ages of 0-7 and influences your thoughts and patterns as an adult'

Real talk:-

There is a major part of your mind that is sabotaging you and we need to reprogram it!

These are all things I have said many times to sound good on Podcasts, so I am talking from experience.

The reality is it all sounds good but doesn't help you understand how to move forward.

The key is moving forward with simple easy to understand steps, nothing more and nothing less.

Do we over complicate to stand out?

Back to the 5P's (TM)



Your mental and emotional well-being, including your thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes.

Example Action:

Gratitude in the morning



Your body’s health and fitness, encompassing exercise, diet, and rest.

Example Action:

4 x weight lifting workouts a week + 10K steps average a day over a week



The driving force that motivates you, rooted in what you love and care about deeply.

Example Action:

Start to write down what makes you happy.

what are you passionate about?

What do you lose track of time doing?

Now integrate more of that into your everyday



Your sense of meaning and direction, the ‘why’ behind your goals and actions.


understand what a MTP is (massively transformative purpose)

Use this to write your goals and feedback into what you do each day.



Your ability to maintain effort and determination in the face of challenges. GRIT!


Set a small goal for the week and show yourself you will do what you say.

Start to never break promises to yourself.

Just get started

The key to this is stop overthinking and just take action

This is about you reaching your potential and goals

Nothing more and nothing less.