White Space

If you are addicted to being busy and feel guilty for creating 'white space' in your life....... then read on.

The principles of white space

White space is a concept I have been battling with for the last year or so now.

The need to feel busy and productive all of the time is something that is holding you back.

What is White Space?

White space is exactly what you think it is.....

It's an empty canvas.

Nothing planned.

Nothing scheduled.

Just time to rest and reflect.

Unproductive time?

You are thinking so unproductive time?


Time to provide clarity and balance.

Creating room for ideas to grow and for wellbeing.

The benefits of white space

This isn't an excuse to spend half of your day doing nothing.

This is for those who are burnout and addicted to being busy.

This is what we should all be doing daily.

We are overwhelmed with distractions from the moment we wake up.

We are addicted to cheap dopamine, stopping us from being able to see the bigger picture.

The lack of white space creates an unbalanced life.

The benefits of white space:-

  • Allow your body and mind to catch up
  • Inspiration and creativity
  • Connecting the dots
  • Time to breathe
  • Time to heal
  • Refocus
  • Motivation
  • Rebalance

Allow for white space in your life

White space as a concept is vital for performance, especially in high-stress environments like entrepreneurship and athletics.

Here's how to add some

  • Go for a walk (no phone or headphones)
  • Quiet Coffee/Tea Breaks
  • Observing Thoughts
  • Unstructured Time
  • Mindful Breathing
  • Stillness in Nature
  • Empty Moments
  • Sitting Quietly
  • Meditation
  • Lying Down

It's simple add some more intentional white space into your life now.

The benefits outweigh the negatives.

Sometimes it's ok just to do nothing for a moment or two.

If you do struggle with this perhaps you should search deeper into what this could mean.