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What is we Are upgraded?

Build a mindset, work smarter, Create freedom.

We are upgraded is a set of programs and resources to help you in building a mindset, working smarter and creating freedom. One on one coaching is not for everyone, that should not mean you're not able to work on specific areas in your life and make constant progress.
1 on 1 Coaching
Unlock Your Potential

Dedicated performance and mindset resources for 6/7 figure entrepreneurs, high achievers, and leaders who are serious about unlocking their full potential.

Hypnotherapy Recordings

Ready to go hypnotherapy recordings carefully crafted and recorded by Leo to help with various blocks, mindset, motivation and peformance.
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Upgraded is a self paced course to get you back on track. If you are feeling unmotivated, lost, procrastinating and need to get back to where you know you should be then this is for you.
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We are upgraded

Resources for the modern entrepreneur.

Resources tailored for the ambitious entrepreneur. We recognise that each journey to success is distinct, and personalised coaching might not align with every entrepreneur's needs at each phase of their journey. This is where We Are Upgraded steps in. Crafted for the driven 6/7 figure entrepreneur, leader, and high performer, our resources provide an extensive array of tools and resources aimed at enhancing every facet of your professional and personal growth.

Why opt for We Are Upgraded?

Build a mindset

Building a mindset is crucial for navigating both business challenges and personal development, setting the stage for success in every aspect of life.

Work Smarter

Employ smarter work practices and time management techniques to enhance productivity in your professional and daily life, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness.

Create Freedom

Cultivate a lifestyle that balances professional success with personal well-being, granting you the freedom you want on your terms.

We Are upgraded

Letters about building a mindset, working smarter and creating freedom

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